Financial Manager

You've spent your whole life making smart choices and now you want to insure these choices carry forward to the future generations of your family. KFA helps to insure that your family has a smooth transition in the event that you were to become disabled or pass away. KFA lays out a diagram for you and/or your family to follow, it allows you to have all of your financial details as well as other professionals who may handle them, listed on one sheet of paper. It is called a Financial Manager. This is a tool that holds ALL of your personal financial information in one place. KFA will gather from you, all of the information needed to set this up. Once it is completed, we would only need to update it from time to time.

Working side by side with you, we will confirm that we have all the appropriate information to make recommendations that move you closer to your goals.

Some of the reasons it is important to develop your Financial Manager:

·       Would anyone else know how to take care of your finances if you were no longer able to do so?

·       Are you the only one in your family who handles your finances?

·       Could your children locate all the financial information they need if something happened to you?

·       Are you thinking about retiring and you would like to calculate how long your money will last?

·       Do you simply want to see all of your specific financial details in one place?

As your financial advisor we want to be the head coach for your team of professionals. There are many areas to your finances including: bills, taxes, insurance, bank accounts, investments, and estate planning. Detailing all of this information onto one page will allow us to update your plan quickly each time you make a change. The Financial Manager allows your entire team to be aware of the same information that is relevant to you.

We will spend time gathering information from you in order to lay out your complete details, this way you can see how each piece builds on the other. It is essential that we lay the groundwork first, so that your foundation stays solid while moving forward. Once completed, you will have the comfort of knowing that your family will be able to find everything they need when that time arrives. Our goal is to help simplify the complexities of your financial life.

Below is an example of what the first level of your Financial Manager will look like: